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She counts her calories at lunch,
Measure her self-worth
By the numbers on the scale.
The flattering new dress she bought
Hangs in the closet unworn,
Waiting while she sheds
The extra pounds.
When he kisses her,
She worries that his hands,
Tenderly carressing her waist,
Are secretly measuring her fat.
She stares into the mirror
At the failure before her.
She gets As in every subject,
Never sits alone in the halls,
Always has a boyfriend,
But can't seem to lose enough weight
To make herself beautiful.
The models in "Cosmo"
Only make her feel worse,
With their sultry smirks,
Through perfect lips,
Form a perfect face and body.
Friends tell her how slender she is;
She's sure they are insincere.
She skips dinner, too much homework
And exercises until she feels dizzy.
The weight drops slowly,
2 pounds, 5 pounds, 10 pounds,
But still the mirror
Tells her she is fat.
She wears bulky sweaters
And baggy jeans,
Hiding the weight, and the ribs
That lately seem
To show through her skin.
Her fingernails have
Started to turn blue.
Mornings when the alarm rings,
She doesn't have the energy
To reach over and silence it.
One friend asks her if she's okay,
After she nearly faints during class.
She smiles wanly and nods;
She's too tired to speak.
She weighs less
Than any model in a magazine,
Still she doesn't think she is thin enough.
Her mother asks her daily
What she wants for dinner,
Not accepting that whatever food
Goes down her throat
Travels the reverse journey
Ten minutes later.
She shivers with cold all the time now.
Her boyfriend has stopped calling.
Models seem to jeer at her
From their magazine covers.
She weighs less than she did
In seventh grade;
The excess fat still clings to her.
But she is determined
To diet her way to happiness-
Even if it kills her.
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