rejectedbarbee (rejectedbarbee) wrote in e_d_quotes,

Okay two things my bf knows how obsessed I am with green tea and on the news yesterday they said green tea brings out your birth defects and genetic flaws, like if your family is prone to cancer too much green tea can make u more prone to it. Anyone else hear that? It was the first I've heard. I love green tea.

Second, today is my 21st birthday and last night I got really drunk. I dont drink usually, the last time I drank anything was one Mikes Hard Ice Tea on 4th of July. I didn't eat anything all day except a weight watchers pizza ( 400ish calories) and I had a lot of shots and a lot of water. I kept peeing and peeing last night. This morning I was three pounds lighter. I wonder if it has to do with the drinking. I have never lost that much weight in one day except with a diet pill. Anyone have any ideas?


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