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Hi im a newbe lol ... well iv had an ed for a while kinda well i dont want to say off and on but iv had my ups and downs which im sure everyone has... umm im 17 im from st.paul,mn im a senior in high school and im currently around 120-125 i dont know it depends the scale because the scale at my dads house says im like 117 and the scale at the school says im 120 and the scale at the docter says im 125 unfortunetly i think the one at the doctor is right.... but yeah well i dont know my fav qoet of all time is " ANNA IS NOT A DISEAS ITS A LIFE STYLE" I know a lot of people dont agree but this helped me a lot when i first became ana... well i hope i meet new people if anyone wants to email me its ashlen2000us@yahoo.com id appreciate it... umm as soon as i can ill post a picture.. o yeah if anyone can help me figure how to because im not sure how to post a pic....for my screenname...


ana luv~~~~~~~~~~~

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